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One Company, one Goal: Keeping your yachts always ready to sail.

Asset V is a yacht management Company based in Malta and offering a complete management solution for your yachts on worldwide basis. With 150 Years’ Experience in the marine industry, Asset V specialises in management of luxury and superyachts, as well as passenger vessels. Asset V serves as an One Stop-Shop, offering several customized solutions in order to keep […]

ASSET V, a complete solution for registering your yacht in Malta.

Asset V is delighted to announce that for the 2018 season it is offering a complete package that encompasses: Malta Flag Registration; Flag Survey; Crew Management, with payment of social security in Malta where applicable; Fully transparent accounting management services. Asset V is a specialised yacht management practice with 150 years’ experience in the marine industry. Asset V is […]

Malta Yachting industry challenges Notice by EU Commissioner

Malta Yachting industry challenges Notice by EU Commissioner The Malta Maritime Law Association, the Malta Maritime Forum, the Yachting Services Trade Section within the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners and the Super Yacht Industry Network Malta denounce the recent Notice sent to Malta by the EU Commissioner […]

50 Tips for Your First Season in Yachting 

50 Tips for Your First Season in Yachting 1. Do your homework before the season, including writing your sailing CV, registering online with crew recruitment agencies and storing electronic copies of CVs, certificates, references, and passports on a USB stick.2. Get your banking and financial affairs in order and consider giving your parents or someone […]

New construction vessel contracts – the pros and cons

Competing in an increasingly crowded marketplace, prospective purchasers will find it more cost-effective to purchase new construction with warranties, as opposed to a comparably priced brokerage boat. As such, purchasing a newly constructed vessel has become an attractive option for both experienced boaters and first-timers. When constructing a new vessel, the shipyard will inevitably ask […]

Regulating environmental impact

Regulating ship’s environmental impact Public awareness of the shipping industry has changed over time and whereas it was once seen as an exciting and romantic undertaking, today it is mainly perceived negatively. And most criticism is directed at shipping’s supposed disregard for the environment. It is true that ships run on fuels that do produce […]

Fire Prevention on board

Onboard fire A shout of “fire” is probably the most dreaded word to hear aboard any vessel. Fires are deadly and destructive, can be difficult to put out, and could ultimately cause the loss of the vessel and/or loss of life. All crew, especially deck and engineering officers, spend much time and effort undergoing firefighting […]

What are the factors that contribute to the choice of flag registration?

The yachting industry is focused on the pursuit of pleasure. Many aspects affect an owner’s choice in a yacht. Aside from the purely cosmetic and recreational issues, a large portion of a yacht’s existence depends upon its legal structure. Included in that framework is the yacht’s intended use and domicile, namely its registration. The factors […]